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FAIRE | Fund for Action and Innovation by Refugee Entrepreneurs


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Our Mission

FAIRE's mission is twofold:

  • To support and empower refugees to become successful entrepreneurs in France.

  • To promote a new vision and approach of refugees’ role, inclusion and contribution to French society through entrepreneurship.

Discover our entrepreneurs and their companies

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Join us and take part in FAIRE’s future; support successful migrant and refugee entrepreneurs!

FAIRE has three targeted programs to support refugee and migrant entrepreneurs. By giving to the FAIRE fund, you offer refugee and migrant entrepreneurs access to a series of personalized accompaniment programs that enable them to successfully develop their startup, and to become drivers of the French economy by creating jobs.


Are you a charitable structure working with refugee and migrant entrepreneurs?


Are you from a refugee or migrant background, and have an entrepreneurial project?


At FAIRE we firmly believe in potential of people facing forced migration.


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