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Bonney Magambo
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Bonney Magambo

Living well while under haemodialysis

Developed by the start-up HémoFAB, FAV Protector is an innovative solution to protect the arteriovenous fistula (AVF) and ensure its longevity for patients on haemodialysis. The AVF is used as an access point to haemodialysis treatment for patients suffering from renal failure. FAV Protector is a customizable protective cuff that will soon be medically approved, and that offers health care and fashion options.  The goal of this prototype is twofold: to prevent and protect kidney failure patients on haemodialysis, and to encourage them to embrace their new life.


Founder: After arriving in France as a political asylum seeker, Bonney Magambo received her refugee status in 2014. In 2020, she founded the start-up HémoFAB. As a former nurse who became a patient, the idea for HémoFAB was born out of her personal experience. She decided to focus both her energy and time in finding innovative solutions for the haemodialysis community, starting with her first product: FAV Protector. She is also a member of the decision-making board of the SINGA Lyon association.

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