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Supporting the first steps of an entrepreneur

The donation program for non-profit organisations was the very first program developed by FAIRE. Through this initiative, we donate to partner organisations that work on refugee entrepreneurship, through business incubation and acceleration programs. 

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**Our donation budget for 2022 has been fully allocated. As such, FAIRE will not be granting any further donations this year.

Our partners

FAIRE has supported three structures with incubator programs since our creation in 2018: makesense, PLACE, and SINGA, all of which share our belief that refugees represent an opportunity for our economy and for France as a whole.  In 2018, our first year of operations, we also had the pleasure of accompanying Simplon and REF (le Réseau des Exilés en France), in 2019 and 2020 we supported Techfugees France (today known as Sistech and in 2020 New Women Connectors. We continue to follow their progress with great interest. 

All of our partners share our values of inclusion, integrity, innovation, and the desire to make an impact.



Since 2018, FAIRE has been actively supporting makesense’s innovative incubation programs. makesense is a people-powered community that gathers and supports citizens, passionate entrepreneurs, and forward-looking organizations to collectively tackle social issues. 

From 2017 to 2019, FAIRE supported makesense as they participated in the European Migrant Entrepreneurs (MEnt) project, a 6-month incubation program that offered migrant and refugees professional support during the first steps of their entrepreneurship projects in France. In the wake of the MEnt program, FAIRE is now supporting the COMBO project, a program geared to facilitate refugees’ professional inclusion through entrepreneurship, managed jointly by makesense and Elan Interculturel.



Our fund is happy to partner with PLACE, a European project that allows migrants and refugees to be the instigators of their own entrepreneurial future.

Created in 2016 by Wow!Labs, PLACE develops pilot programs around the economic and cultural inclusion of refugees and migrants. The project is operated by a European collective of organizations from the private, public, academic, and civil society sectors. These organizations pool their diverse resources to achieve PLACE’s two main objectives: to foster migrant-led innovation projects in Europe and to favor the emergence of new models and leaders among the newcomers.

PLACE has become a diverse and inclusive collective intelligence network.

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FAIRE is pleased to partner with SINGA's incubation program, which aims to connect newcomers and host societies through entrepreneurship, digital and social innovation. 

Founded in 2011 by an international citizen movement, SINGA is a social innovation laboratory that works to build a common society by deploying the potential of the newcomer economy. Thanks to its worldwide community, the charity wants to build a common narrative with and for refugees. The diversity of the activities and tools SINGA has developed have enabled it to quickly grow.

By connecting people from different cultures, SINGA unlocks everyone’s potential and allows citizens to contribute to the common good.



Drawn to the innovative side of Techfugees' refugee inclusion program, FAIRE has been accompanying the charity since 2019 in its missions to improve the lives of refugees and promote inclusion in the tech industry.

Founded in 2015 by Mike Butcher, Techfugees is an impact-driven global organization aimed at building a sustainable ecosystem of “tech for refugees” solutions to best meet the growing demand for solutions to protect the rights of displaced people and ensure a commitment to social justice. Thanks to its worldwide community of volunteers, Techfugees deploys its activities, programs, and events, including dozens of hackathons and its Global Summit and Global Challenges competition, in more than 18 countries. 

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Simplon Foundation

In 2018, FAIRE had the opportunity to accompany Simplon’s Refugeeks program, an intensive and professionalizing training project offering refugees an opening to a promising career, and thus a return to economic independence.

Created in 2015 under the aegis of the FACE Foundation, the Simplon Foundation promotes inclusive tech to disadvantaged populations (young dropouts, job seekers, women, refugees, etc.) and/or disadvantage communities (underprivileged neighborhoods, rural areas, etc.).

We continue to follow their program that allows refugees to access a job in tension areas and with high added value by offering them a training adapted to their needs. 


Network of Exiles in France

In 2018, FAIRE was pleased to have supported this start-up charity, launched by an alumni of the MEnt program. REF aims to support newcomers by promoting their social, cultural, and professional inclusion, as well as to promote harmony and mutual aid within French society.

If you are a newcomer and want to network, REF gives you the opportunity to be actively engaged by proposing volunteering opportunities, language exchanges, translation work, legal support, and sports activities.

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New Women Connectors

In 2020, our fund was pleased to provide financial support to New Women Connectors, a movement led by migrant and refugee women who have mobilized to become an inclusive collective. 

Their goal is to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities that migrant and refugee women face in Europe through open discussion platforms. NWC changes the narratives and stereotypes commonly attached to women with migratory backgrounds by promoting their inclusion in the public debate and providing a forum for the voices of successful women refugees to be heard. 

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