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Our entrepreneurs

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Bonney Magambo

Living well while under hemodialysis.

Developed by the start-up HémoFAB, FAV Protector is an innovative solution to protect the arteriovenous fistula (AVF) and ensure its longevity for patients on haemodialysis.

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Ghaees Alshorbajy

Metal waste collector.

KaouKab is the first website of its kind, allowing you to get rid of your metal waste for free (starting at volumes of 40kg). KaouKab guarantees that all metal waste will be picked up by the collector.

Ibrahima Blue.png

Ensuring equal access to financing solutions.

Kalikan is an application that provides access to a range of banking products without any of the restrictions imposed by traditional banks and financing institutions. Currently available in Côte d’Ivoire and France, the application is based on a system often seen in North Africa called “tontines”.

Ibrahima Toure


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Jahan Info

Rooh savar

The platform for geoeconomic and geopolitical trends.

Jahan.Info is an online platform that affords its clients access to personalized information on geoeconomic and geopolitical trends. All information is targeted according to the client’s centers of interest (thanks to AI)

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Yama Saraj

Building resilience through sport and technology.

SensAi Technologies is a fun training solution based on a connected punching bag made from recycled tires. Its goal is to make mental and physical resilience training more accessible

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Ousmane Bah

Learning to read and write for an illiterate audience.

Solodou is an application and a kit that helps illiterate adults to learn to read and write independently.

Solodou's ambition is to build a world without illiteracy by 2050.

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