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Ghaees Alshorbajy

Metal waste collector

KaouKab is the first website of its kind, allowing you to get rid of your metal waste for free (starting at volumes of 40kg). KaouKab guarantees that all metal waste will be picked up by the collector. Nothing is left behind, nor sorted or dismantled on-site. The KaouKab collectors guarantee that all waste will be dropped off and/or resold only to certified locations.

Thanks to their personalized application and algorithm, KaouKab guarantees that only the collectors closest to your area will be the ones to come and collect your metal waste. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The founder: Ghaees Alshorbajy, Syrian by birth, is a serial entrepreneur. After stints in Lebanon, where he set up several projects: an associative school, then a textile factory specialized in the production of undergarments, and a short stay in Turkey, he arrived in France in 2015. He wasted no time and in 2016 created KaouKab which means "planet" in Arabic. The company has grown from a project stage to that of a full-fledged startup in the years that followed. In 2019, Nicolas Eyguesier joined the company as a partner; he is currently responsible for sales and business development.

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