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Ibrahima Toure

Ensuring equal access to financing solutions

Kalikan is a mobile application that provides access to a range of banking products without any of the restrictions imposed by traditional banks and financing institutions available in the Ivory Coast and in France. The French version is based exclusively on the tontines model, i.e., rotating kitty funds subject to no banking constraints (no interest rate, no fees, no guarantees). In its African version, in addition to offering financing via tontines, the application allows its users to make instant money transfers, to cash in, to make purchases, and soon it will offer payment cards adapted to African realities. The objective is to fight against banking and financial exclusion, thus improving the rate of banking and poverty reduction.

This fantastic project is well underway; the application is already available for download


Founder: A native of Côte d'Ivoire, Ibrahima Touré chose his entrepreneurial path at an early age. Deeply affected by his mother’s experience of financial exclusion -  banks deemed her profile too risky -  he set out to repair this injustice for her and for everyone suffering from the same situation. In 2017, he left his family behind to go to France and attend the coding school “42”, where he met Nessim Rahmoun. Together, they decided to collaborate to launch a social impact project, and from this was born the startup Kalikan.

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