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Yama Saraj

Building resilience through sport and technology

SensAi Technologies is a fun training solution based on a connected punching bag made from recycled tires. Its goal is to make mental and physical resilience training more accessible. SensAi Technologies allows users to track their performance and motivate them to change their training behaviour through engaging gamification and inspiring content.

The founder: Originally from Afghanistan but settled in the Netherlands since he was 11 years old, Yama Saraj is a passionate industrial engineer, economist, and entrepreneur that is passionate about his project. Sport has helped Yama develop a spirit of peace and tolerance, which he wants to transmit through martial arts. In 2010, Yama travelled 8,000 km to Afghanistan to teach boxing to children suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Once back in the Netherlands in 2016, he participated in a hackathon where he started to imagine a boxing bag made from recycled tires to train people at a distance. In 2019, he joined Station F's Fighters incubation program and today he is incubated at Grand Paris Sport, run by Telecom SudParis et Mines Telecom.

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