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Rooh savar

The platform for geoeconomic and geopolitical trends

Jahan.Info is an online platform that affords its clients access to personalized information on geoeconomic and geopolitical trends. All information is targeted according to the client’s centers of interest (thanks to AI); it gives access to a foreign country's internal perspective in order to help organizations anticipate risk and inform their strategic decision-making.


The founder: Rooh Savar is an Iranian journalist who has been based in France since 2009. In Iran, he contributed to the creation of several cultural & social charities and co-founded a digital communication agency in 2007 with his artist and activist friends. When he arrived in France, he began working with the media, writing articles and reports on international issues, in particular focusing on the Middle East. Realizing the lack of first-hand information from local, direct sources but also European and American journalists’ lack of knowledge regarding the complexity of local contexts, he designed the platform.

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