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FAIRE has launched our 2021 entrepreneur selection jury!

Have you been forced to leave your home country for France, and have an entrepreneurial project? Do you need access to a loan?

If so, you can apply to pitch at FAIRE’s 2021 selection jury that will take place early summer.

Since the loan program was launched over a year ago now, FAIRE has been accompanying three refugee entrepreneurs and their innovative projects: Ghaees Alshorbajy, who launched Kaoukab, Rooh Savâr, founder Jahan.Info et Ousmane Bah, the man behind Solodou.

This year we are opening up our program to three new refugee/migrant entrepreneurs that have been forced to leave their home country, so that we may support them in the development of their business.

Am I eligible?

In order to qualify for FAIRE’s entrepreneurial support program, your project must match the following criteria:

  • Your business must be based in France

  • Your ambition is to build a scalable business with a large economic impact (at minimum SME)

  • At least one of the founders must have a forced migration background.

We’re open to all sectors of activity.

Picture from FAIRE's 2020 selection jury

How does it work?

FAIRE offers a unique support program that consists of the following:

  • A zero-interest loan in the amount of 20 000 euros. A capital investment is possible in the future, only for those who have been approved for loans.

  • A bespoke support program in the form of mentoring, coaching, and access to FAIRE’s professional networks.

If you’re interested, please fill out this form to briefly outline your project, and send it back to us via the email indicated on the form.

If it matches our criteria, it will then proceed on to our evaluation process, and should it pass all the steps, you will be invited to pitch at our selection jury.

Applications must be received by May 9th in order to be considered for our jury!


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