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In Midst of the Current Public Health Crisis, SINGA France Launches AlloMondo

With a vast number of people suffering from severe loneliness due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner SINGA France has recently launched AlloMondo, a new project to connect refugees with local residents. Let’s take a closer look at this new social cohesion platform!

Why AlloMondo?

As mentioned in a previous article, our partner SINGA France has for a number of years been working on building a more just society in which everyone—locals and refugees alike—may find his or her true place. Through its different programs, the association has promoted the empowerment of refugees by way of entrepreneurship, housing, and civic inclusion projects consisting of meetings and info-sharing sessions.

Far from satisfied nonetheless with the accomplishments made through these various and, yet, comprehensive projects, SINGA France has seized upon the issues that have mounted during this public health crisis. Here, we refer to the sense of social isolation provoked by recent mandatory confinement and social distancing measures felt especially across refugee and migrant groups. With the goal to connect people, SINGA France created AlloMondo, a social media platform offering local volunteers the chance to meet new-comers seeking exchange, involvement, and friendship via phone or video chat.

For SINGA France, social cohesion represents a strong basis for inclusion!

I would like to join! How does it work?

If this project appeals to you, joining is as simple as filling out a questionnaire intended to match and put you in touch with the right person. Once the form is filled, you will be anonymously introduced to your new contact. If you hit it off over the course of your first couple of exchanges, you will be able to swap your contact information and…make the world a better place!

If you’d like to have a taste of AlloMondo and experience some intercultural exchange before committing yourself to this new venture, feel free to try AlloMondo Live: Around World in 45 minutes!

To learn more, checkout their website,


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