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Wintegreat has changed its name to Each One

Wintegreat has changed its name to Each One with the aim of helping each individual reach his or her potential.

You may have already noticed : Wintegreat has changed its name to ‘Each One.’ If you don’t already know them, we’re happy to introduce you to a key player in the support ecosystem for the integration of refugees; one that FAIRE has had the pleasure of meeting.

A story based on a fortuitous encounter and the strong belief that each and every individual brings their value-add wherever they go

Each One defines itself as a movement in which each individual, regardless of his or her job, status, origins, or life experience, brings value to and participates towards a common dynamic. The aim of this community of more than 5000 engaged players is both simple and ambitious: liberate the potential that lies within us all in order to promote inclusion, in particular that of refugees whose potential is systematically under-estimated and unexploited.

This project came about when its two founders, Theo and Eymeric, met two Syrian refugees who were obliged to accept jobs beneath their qualifications. And this is not an isolated experience, since 40% of refugees who have found a job in France feel underemployed in relation to their qualifications and/or skills. [1]

This desire to combat underemployment led to the creation of a charity; Wintegreat. Wintegreat, which changed its name to Each One last June, designs, develops and creates innovative new training programs and support for refugees, thus allowing them to persue a professional career in line with their personal ambitions.

The strength of their program lies in their success at forming a central hub which brings together refugees, universities (via partner schools and a network of engaged students) as well as the professional world (via mentors whose role is encourage inspiration, redefine projects, motivate participants and form links with the professional world.) Partner companies are committed to proposing missions which allow participants to immerse themselves quickly and gain access to career opportunities.

And the results are there! Since 2015, Each One has supported 1184 people, 73% of whom have resumed a professional or academic career that matches their expectations, just 6 months after completion of an Each One program.[2]

Currently, 8 support programs are open in Grandes Ecoles and partner institutions in several French towns. For more information ; feel free to visit our site le site web de each One !

Focus on Wero, recruitment consultant specialized in the hiring of refugees

In addition to the actions of Each One, the firm WERO was created to focus on the issue of refugee recruitment which remains a true challenge, as highlighted by the report on the professional integration of asylum seekers, presented on 23 September 2020 at the National Assembly by the members of parliament, Jean-Noël Barrot et Stella Dupont.

The firm makes it possible to connect the talent of people with a migration background with companies that understand that inclusive recruitment and diversity are the real key to enduring success and high performance. Beyond the simple selection and presentation of candidates, WERO is equally committed to assisting recruiters and companies in the integration of candidates which ensure a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration.

Whether you are a recruiter or a refugee, you can find more information on their website (available in three languages):

Your next work colleague may be just a click away!


[1] Study by Ministère de l’Intérieur, reported in the article « Théo Scubla, co-founder of Each One (formerly Wintegreat) and Wero : « For me, being an entrepreneur, and not putting social inclusion at the heart of a project, made no sense ! »


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