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FAIRE organizes its first workshop in partnership with Wix

Create a website to help build your business

At the beginning of March, FAIRE held its first workshop targeted at refugee entrepreneurs in partnership with Wix Community. This workshop is the product of a collaboration between several partners who are committed to refugee entrepreneurship, including SINGA Lyon, Adie, Refugee Food Festival and Positive Planet.

Wix Community to offer workshops for refugee entrepreneurs

A few months ago, the Wix Community team got in touch with FAIRE in order to discuss working together to organize workshops. The idea was to make available experienced coaches and current Wix Partners that volunteered in order to offer workshops to refugees with an entrepreneurial project.

This type of workshop has already been successfully implemented in a number of countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru led by the Wix Community team to suggest rolling out the concept in France.

Inaugural workshop on website creation organized at Tuba in Lyon

For the first workshop organized in France, we chose the city of Lyon and its network of dynamic partners committed to entrepreneurship as well as the inclusion of those coming from a migrant background.

Thanks to SINGA’s support, we were able to use a conference room at Tuba, a coworking and urban experiment space in Lyon. This project mobilized numerous actors including SINGA Lyon, Adie Rhône-Alpes, Refugee Food Festival and Positive Planet, who shared information about the workshop to their entrepreneur network, in order to attract a high level of participation.

For the first edition, entrepreneurs from various sectors joined us, ranging from hospitality, the sale of cosmetics, horse-drawn carriage hire to information services. The training was run by Denis, a WIX Partner, and was split into two parts. During the first half, a presentation was held to inform participants about the range of possibilities offered by the website creation platform.

Following this presentation, the second part of the workshop focused on the practical side. The participants had the opportunity to express their needs, including order management systems and search engine optimization (SEO). Concrete examples suited to each sector were provided by the coach in order to help remove the obstacles associated with website creation. In fact, company visibility is one of the keys to success and having a website is an essential element.

This first workshop sparked a great deal of enthusiasm among the participants and we hope that we will be able to roll out this initiative in other cities in France. If you are interested, you can let us know at contact[at]faire[dot]eu.


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