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Refugee Entrepreneurs: FAIRE conducts its second panel during quarantine!

At the end of last year, FAIRE decided to launch a new programme to directly support refugee entrepreneurs through interest-free loans. The first panel was conducted and decided to support Ghaees Alshorbajy, founder of KaouKab. During quarantine in France, FAIRE continued its operations and was able to conduct a second panel.

A team in action during the public health crisis

Just like every organisation, FAIRE had to face the consequences of this health crisis, specifically of having to adjust our ways of working. Our team continued to work remotely, and took action to support our partners and entrepreneurs. We remained in constant contact with the organisations we finance and created new ways to support refugee entrepreneurs.

We didn’t want to postpone our main projects – quite the opposite actually. Well aware of the financial needs linked to entrepreneurial projects carried out by people in situations of forced migration, we conducted a second selection panel for entrepreneurs in May. Two new entrepreneurs remotely pitched us their project and took part in a Q & A session by videoconference. The jury consisted of our Board of Directors who were convened for the occasion.

Two recipients for two ambitious projects!

During this panel we were delighted to welcome Ousmane Bah, founder of Solodou. Originally from Guinea, Ousmane drew from his personal experience to launch his company. When he arrived in France, he noticed that refugees and migrants didn’t have a good grasp on the French language. This gave him the idea to create an app called Solodou, paired with workbooks to learn to read and write French.

Through a great deal of work and dedication, Ousmane developed a community-based tool which addresses a widespread need. His project took off quickly and in 2019, Ousmane also received an award from the national “Talents des Cités” contest.

We also were able to welcome Rooh Savâr and his team. You may have heard of him before! In addition to successfully completing multiple projects, Rooh is also the President of SINGA France, one of FAIRE’s partners.

An Iranian journalist, Rooh arrived in France years ago and presented his project Jahan.Info to the FAIRE panel. The ambitious project is a multiline watch platform using AI to follow the current news of a given country without knowing the language.

Rooh and Ousmane both won over the panel with their innovative and impactful projects, which FAIRE is going to support and help them develop. We firmly believe in their success and will stick by them to make sure it happens!


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